- So You Want to Be An Entrepreneur.

The meaning of the word "Entrepreneur" is pretty simple. it's a person who organises or manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
So you want to be an entrepreneur do you? Actually becoming an Entrepreneur is something altogether different. It requires vision, a mission statement, goals, your "why" and a singular determination to succeed.

When someone says to you, so you want to be an entrepreneur take it with a grain of salt. You don't need advice from losers. - Create A Blog To Make Money Online.
As at 10 July 2014, we're just getting the tail end of a big storm. I wanted to show you how our beach looks in winter time, really stormy! I was listening to a podcast about blogging and it got me thinking...anyone can make money easily through blogging. You can create a blog to make money online. Who'd have thunk!

Just to be clear, this is no get rich scheme, it takes time to create a blog to make money online and build a loyal following. - Think About Losing Your job.

As technology advances at an ever increasing rate, you need to think about losing your job, because your job could be in jeopardy as computers, machines and robots get smarter. You need to have a pretty good Unique Selling Proposition if you don't want to lose your job, especially if you're getting older. 

If you don't get replaced by a machine, you WILL inevitably be replaced by a younger , cheaper person so you definitely need to think about losing your job. - You Will Lose Your Job.

This video is about some thoughts I had today while walking on the beach regarding your future as an employee given the huge advances in technology and the state of the world economy, which will eventually lead to the disappearance of the middle classes. You will lose your job.

I have recorded a Podcast about this subject as well and its called; You Will Lose Job funnily enough. You can find it at the website linked above and you might find it very interesting. 

There is a shop, a big retailer at our local shopping centre, which has replaced all of it's checkout operators with machines. All the supermarkets are doing it as well. The writing is on the wall, if you work in a low paid manual or repetitive type will lose your job.

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I'm retired from my previous business and I haven't worked in a job since 1980. I've been self-employed and an Entrepreneur for 34 years, some of my exploits have been profitable and some haven't but the point is I was in control of my destiny. I have always been working towards a time when I could Live The Dream. 

Nowadays I am nearly there. All I need now is a really big income to allow me to live the dream. My dream, nobody else's.

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