With the news that the Malaysian authorities announced that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean, and the US Navy  is sending a “pinger locator” there to look for the black boxes, we need to raise some caution about assumptions that these will reveal all there is to know about what happened on the flight.


The flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) are located in the rear of the airplane, inaccessible to the cockpit or cabin, a Boeing 777 instructor tells us. Unlike the Boeing 737 in which a rogue pilot turned off these devices before plunging the airplane in a suicide dive, the 777's FDR and CVR power controls are only accessible in the electronics bay and the access is through a floor panel outside the cockpit, in the cabin of the aircraft.


Assuming the FDR and CVR, therefore, were operational right up until the time of the crash of the airplane, there should be data recoverable if these units are eventually found. The FDR, being digital, has a 24 hour capacity and should provide a wealth of information. The CVR has only a two hour capacity and may yield much less, however. Clearly, it won’t reveal anything that happened over the Gulf of Thailand—this will have been overwritten by the end of MH370. But whether there is anything to be revealed on the last two hours for the flight is going to be uncertain.


In the US, by law the cockpit conversations recordings are only in 30 minute increments-the most recent 30 minutes. If this practice is true for other countries, including Malaysia, anything said in the cockpit as to what transpired when the plane originally was "lost" while still over the Gulf of Thailand will be lost to history. But the final 30 minutes of cockpit conversation, and any noise from the cabin within "earshot" of the cockpit microphones, should be retained on the CVR. But also in the US, pilots have the ability to erase the CVR once at the gate—and it’s certainly possible this occurred before MH370 went into the ocean.


Given the success, albeit two years after the crash, investigators had in recovering the FDR and CVR of Air France Flight 447 (the one that crashed into the South Atlantic in 2009, with main wreck recovered from around 12,000 ft), we feel reasonably confident MH370 will eventually be found and the recorders recovered. But manage your expectations about what might be found on the recorders.

Whatever the final analysis reveals, the fact still remains that there are some pretty screwed up people out there. It seems obvious to me that the plane wasn't highjacked at all, at least not by terrorists, but rather something very strange went on in the cockpit of that aircraft.

Whatever that was we may never know, all we can say for sure is that the lives of 279 innocent victims were never even considered. Most of those passengers would not have even sauspected that there was anything wrong with their aircraft, right up unti lthe time it stopped flying...



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Have you ever noticed that whenever there’s a great new product launch that’s going to teach you how to actually get started in Internet Marketing, that it’s usually priced at $297 or $497?


I mean a complete set of instructions that teach you step by step how to go about setting things up from start to getting your first leads online.


I attended a webinar this morning that was very good and hosted by some very respected people in the online marketing industry. People who have made 8 figure sums consistently over the years. 


These are clever guys, some of the best, yet they hype up what is essentially a very simple concept to learn and implement, then attempt to sell it for a really affordable price of $497. Then after you sign up, they “give away” lots of bonus products which they have already made lots of money from selling for much higher prices.


New marketers flock to this sort of thing. They lap it up and come away with some really good material that perhaps only a very small percentage will actually use and implement to become successful online marketers in their own right.


I believe that while these Gurus may have the best of intentions, because it must be so frustrating for them to see so few people actually grasp and implement such simple stuff, they really are just taking advantage of the general ignorance of the majority of the population.


I don’t blame them, they really do want to help, but they also want to profit from the game. By doing what they do, they are treating the symptoms of why internet marketers don’t succeed rather than the root cause which is a general lack of education. 


Everyone wants a quick fix or step by step guide, nobody wants to knuckle down to hard work and learning. That’s why I think the newbie marketer is taken advantage of. 


It is in fact getting even easier for new marketers to get started with the huge advances in technology in just the last few years. Marketing is so much easier now with the amount of automation available.


Generally speaking it is not possible to be successful online or anywhere in business without a proper education in the subject. This requires reading, listening to audios, learning, understanding the principles at play and understanding the process.


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You Are Going To Die...


As Einstein once said, "Time is an illusion"

What old Albert was really saying is that time doesn't stand still, it is constantly moving so that nothing can really be in the present because as soon as something happens its already in the past. 

Of course if you follow that logic, then the past and future don't exist either.

When we talk about time, we mean a period of time or a point in time. Either way, time is an illusion and therefore, so is reality. To quote Einstein again "Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one."

The point is: you should never put things off. Every day your life is getting shorter, every day you are one more day closer to death. 

Like it or not we are all going to die, we just don't know when, so wouldn't it make sense to get things done? Why on earth would you waste your time on anything you don't like doing?

I know, I know, we all have to do stuff we don't like doing, but what I mean is why do it every bloody day?

It is rapidly becoming cliche to suggest that working in a job is so old fashioned, it's not. We all have to support ourselves and our families. The problem is that we have become so brainwashed and conditioned by society and the establishment to work a certain number of hours for a certain rate of pay for a certain number of days per week.

Why can't we work when it suits us?

The world is becoming more and more automated and the internet is so good now (and improving every day) that many, many jobs can be done remotely. Sure we still need some physical labour, at the moment, but that can still be made more flexible so that more people can do the same job at different times of the day. Big factories do it now, hospitals do it, contractors do it. Hell, we could all do it if we had the chance.

Time in itself doesn't matter. It's how we make use of our time that matters. 

We only get one shot at life so we should make the most of it. Having a life is way more important than having to work all the time for bugger all.

Don't get all excited, I'm not suggesting you all quit your jobs and go into business, that would be stupid, but for some of you, there is an opportunity to learn new skills and slowly develop them over time to the point where you can give your boss the middle finger and tell him to screw his job. (Politely, of course)

Most people who might be having this thought quickly dismiss it, because they don't know where to start. Actually, there are lots of places and people willing to teach you how, your job is to get off your ass and go find them.

Luckily, because you're reading this you need not look any further, because I can teach you. All you have to do is make the decision to start learning. 

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